Our Digital World in Figures

New data released by ITU, the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), showed that 830 million young people are online, representing 80 percent of the youth population in 104 countries.


Proportion of households with Internet access, 2017

The global ICT data shows that youths (15-24 year old) are at the forefront of Internet adoption. In China and India alone, up to 320 million young people out of 830 million young in the world ( 40% ) use the Internet.

Proportion of individuals using the Internet, by gender, 2017

the research revealed that In developed countries, the proportion of households with Internet access at home is twice as high as in developing countries.

Only 15% of households in Least Developed Countries have Internet access at home.Proportion of households with Internet access - 2017

In these countries, many Internet users are accessing the Internet from work, schools and universities or from other shared public connections outside the home.

By 2020, 4 billion connected people will create an opportunity of $4 trillion revenue through 25+ million Apps plus 25+ billion embedded and intelligent systems loaded by 50 trillion GBs of data.

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