Ten Trending Digital Marketing Skills to Add to Your Resume ( Part 2 )

Forged in a world of constant innovation, evolving platforms, and cutting-edge strategies, digital marketing has the unique luxury of endurance in the job market. Maybe you’re looking for a new career path that’s not in danger of becoming obsolete. Maybe you’re already working in digital marketing and wondering how your job will stand the test of time, or what your growth opportunity looks like over your career.

Arguably, careers in digital marketing, more than any other industry, are more concerned with your skill set than your job title. If you have skills, you’ll never run short of assets to include on your resume. In this Article , we focus on digital marketing skills and the possible jobs that go along with them.


Data Analysis


These marketers specialize in making date-driven decisions. The ability to determine the key metrics that a brand need to track, as well as collect and analyze them, are part of this inevitable skill set in an industry that makes changes and adjustments based on what the numbers indicate.


Data analyst

Data analysts are responsible for aggregating and interpreting a variety of analytics for a company. They research new ways to collect data, analyze the information, and draw conclusion from the data.

Data analysts are technically skilled with programs like Excel, Access, SQL database as well as company-specific data tool like CRM and e-commerce platform.


Data engineer

Data engineer specialize in collection and analyzing raw data with constructing systems to track and display the data. They develop, construct, test and maintain database & data processing systems.


Data scientist

Data scientist specialize in collecting & analyzing data from a variety of sources and data sets. They work to make sure the companies aren’t making decisions based on incomplete data, and they identify the relationships and behavior patterns by comparing data sets from different channels.

Email Marketing


Email marketing isn’t anything new, it’s still the most profitable method of selling in digital marketing the skill set of an email marketer understanding the strategy behind email automation at each stage of the funnel, as well as knowing the importance of email title, headlines, call to action, hooks.

Successful email marketer has to measure and analyze click through rates, open rates, conversions, engagement and deliverability.

Web Design and Development


The important first impression of a brand happens on its website. A Well-built, professionally designed website can generate leads & sales greater than a poorly designed website.

a separate research from Microsoft & google shows that it only takes quarter of second’s delay in page loading time for customer frustration to build.

Community Management


Many companies are embracing community management as a way to make the customer relationship ascend beyond the level of buyer and seller. Online communities are places where people build relationship with each other around a common interest.

Thanks to the internet, you can easily locate and connect with others who share similar interests, and community management is a growing skill set to create a healthy environment for those passionate people to connect with each other and facilitate, strengthen and encourage those relationships.

A job that entails bridging the gap between company and customer whereas social media marketer work to make the brand attractive and engagement-worthy on social platforms, community manager builds and nurture the human relationship hidden in social media communication.


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